What We Do

How We’ve Been Making A Difference

Since our inception, GEF has worked with 271 total students. So far, 43 of these students have graduated, 131 are currently pursuing a degree in college, and 140 are studying in high school. We aim to induct 150 students annually.

We are focused on expanding our engagement across Maharashtra to more villages and students. These are our current areas of impact.

We work to keep our incoming classes diverse. The following is a breakdown of the gender and geographical background of our current college students.

Through our programming, we help counsel students towards certain career paths. This is an aptitude-based process, in which students take a test and then discuss with their mentors their best options. Here are the fields our students have been pursuing in college so far.


What appeals me most about Guruji Education foundation is its simplicity. It feels like a family…this family is working on one of the most fundamental aspects of our life, helping us realize our potential..The student is at the center of everything..[and] learns to enjoy the process and dreams with eyes wide open…

Shailesh Shinde, computer engineering graduate from COEP, postgraduate from TISS, currently working in waste management startup.

Guruji Education Foundation helps students not only in their academic pursuit but also in their overall development by providing them guidance on a regular basis…What I like the best about GEF is its open culture and the close relationship they foster and encourage between students and volunteers..

Harshita Goyal, Mentor Volunteer with GEF, over 26 years of experience with an IT company

Guruji Education Foundation is contributing to making the dreams of aspiring youths come into reality. It identifies eligible students from all over the state and provides the facilities and opportunities to acquire higher education. They are nurtured and groomed to be responsible citizens…

Shobha Wadwalkar, over 29 years of experience as an English teacher in secondary and higher secondary academic institutions.