The Guruji Education Foundation (GEF) seeks talented students in need of support who are eager to learn and become proud, strong, and successful people.

Financial assistance is given as an interest-free loan. This is not a charity, we are here to support the drive and motivation the students already have. As such, GEF seeks motivated, highly dedicated individuals who are ready to work hard and chase success.

GEF is not an organization that just sends money from afar; foundation office bearers and supporters interact with the students in order to increase their confidence, accountability, and to ensure they have everything they need. The relationship between students and GEF staff is a healthy partnership with open communication and constant, passionate support.

“I feel so proud to be part of the GEF family…at GEF…the knowledge is considered as treasure and everyone is encouraged and appreciated”

Vrushali Shinde, GEF Alumnus

Think you have what it takes? Follow this link to apply to be a foundation student.