Our Principles

The Guruji Education Foundation is passionate about supporting students who have the potential but lack the financial and informational resources they need. The foundation is governed by the mission EDUCATION FOR ALL and works to make a difference in the lives of at least 100 students every year. We focus on the all-round development of the students; the student’s growth as a person in symbiosis with their growth as a student.

Since we focus on the overall growth of a student, being involved with GEF can look different for different people.

Some might provide mentorship, helping students acclimatize to the new world they are stepping into as well as self-esteem, making it clear to the students that the support they are receiving is earned and deserved -an investment rather than a gift. Our financial support is an interest free loan and the students are expected to give back when they begin to earn – either financially or as mentors themselves.

Ultimately, we believe in a partnership with motivated, energetic students so that they might give back to their community and make the world a better place to live in – for themselves, for their family and for us all.

Inclusivity – Admissions are based only on merit which includes the potential to succeed in career and life, parents’ socio-economic situation, and distress in the family.

Quality over quantity – Less focus on quantitative targets, more on excellent service to all the students and supporters.

Cycle of giving – The students benefit from the supporters’ ‘giving’ and need to complete the ‘cycle of giving’ by supporting the next set of students.

Customized career planning – Each student has a different and unique set of talents and needs to have a customized career plan.

Holistic development – Student’s success in career and life depends more on the holistic and less on the academic development.

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The foundation is registered at Pune in 2004 and is recognized by the Income Tax department for tax exempted donations .